Welcome to your class blog for GEOG596M: Making the Connection between Science and Decision Making.
The following points will guide you through making effective use of the blog.
  • Only write entries that are related to your course
  • Use of your course blog is subject to the UA's Acceptable Use of Computers and Networks.
  • Embed links rather than posting a URL.
  • When making a link in a blog entry, make the link to the document's title or descriptive text and not to “click here.” (see the second bullet as an example)
  • Embed images that have been edited for size so that they fit nicely in the page. This is usually done in image editing software such as Photoshop or Fireworks. For example, see how the size of this image fits nicely with the page.
sample image
  • Link the embedded image to a webpage or to a larger image if there is value in doing that.
  • Add comments to other students' blog entries that add to the discussion and provide new knowledge. (Do not post comments such as "I agree" or "Well done" or "Me too.")
  • Blogs will only accept files up to 5MB in size. If you have a larger file it needs to be stored on another server and linked using its URL.
  • Here is a sample blog entry

Watch this video to learn how to create and edit entries on your course blog.